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Week 4 Day 2: Waiting for the Miraculous— Mark 2

We learned last week about the importance of not relying on the faith of others. Instead, we must grow our own faith. Yet, there is a time when the faith of others can carry us to our faith opportunity. Or perhaps, our faith will create an opportunity for another person to meet with Christ.

• Read Mark 2:1-12.

What type of situation did the men encounter when they arrived at the home where Jesus was?

Instead of giving up because they had to wait to receive their miracle, how did the friends of the paralytic man use their faith to create an opportunity for their friend to meet with Jesus?

These men had to wait to see Jesus. They arrived at the home where Jesus was, but they could not get the answer they sought right away. They had some work to do. They had to remove the barrier between them and their miracle.

What would have happened if they had given up and gone home when they encountered difficulties?

The paralytic man’s friends truly believed that Jesus was the answer they were looking for. They were willing to go to any length to get to him. Sometimes we must labor in prayer to see our miracle.

Have you ever had to battle in prayer in order to help a friend receive their miracle? If so, explain.

What did Jesus say to the paralytic man when He saw the faith of his friends?

Do you think this was the response his friends were looking for? Why or why not?

I’m not sure the man’s friends understood the value of the man’s sins being forgiven. They had just carried the man up on the roof, dug a hole, and lowered him through it. I’m sure they were hoping for his healing. I’m guessing they did all that because they wanted Jesus to heal his legs so he could walk home. They probably did not plan on lifting him back through the roof so they could carry him home. It is very likely that they were more focused on their friend’s physical condition than his spiritual condition.

Have you experienced a time where you didn’t receive the physical miracle you were praying for, but instead received a spiritual miracle? If so, describe what happened.

Thankfully, Jesus was not done. He not only forgave the man of his sins, but he also healed him. It is easy to become distracted by miracles. We can begin to seek the miracles, instead of seeking Christ. We can become so focused on the answer to our prayers that we lose sight of the Answer to our prayers- Jesus!

• Read Luke 10:17-20.

The disciples were excited that they were able to perform miracles, but what did Jesus remind them to keep their focus on instead?

Why did Jesus encourage the disciples to shift their focus?

It is so important to develop character that can handle miracles. Jesus reminded the dis- ciples in these verses that it is not the miracle we are to focus on, but our salvation. Be careful as your faith grows and as you step out and begin to pray powerful prayers that you do not forget it is your relationship with Jesus that matters most.

It was not the faith of his friends that healed the paralytic. He still had to exercise his own faith to stand up and pick up his mat. However, it was the faith of his friends that brought him to the place where he could receive from Christ.

What are some practical ways that you can be the kind of friend who creates opportunities for others to meet with Jesus?

Is there someone in your life that you need to carry to Jesus? How can your faith pave the way for that person to receive a miracle?

In your own life, do you see yourself more as the person who needs people to bring you to Christ or the friend who is bringing the person to Christ? Why? 

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